Missoula Police arrested a man on felony charges after a woman reported being attacked Wednesday, May 2. Though the police were notified of the assault on Wednesday at a business on Reserve Street, the attack reportedly occurred the day before, at a residence on West Broadway.

"Apparently, the victim and 50-year-old Dennis Kline had been in a relationship and had been arguing recently about issues surrounding cellphone use," said Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh. "The argument escalated to the point where Mr. Kline reportedly struck the victim about the face and head, threatened her with a small bat or club and strangled her to the point of thinking she would, at least, pass out."

It appears that the victim may have been seeking treatment for her injuries, when police were called by office staff. The suspect was waiting nearby.

"He was at the business with her, but he was waiting outside, while she was inside," Welsh said. "The police officers noticed some soft tissue injury when they first made contact with her and she complained of other pain. The business where they made contact with her was a medical care giver."

This isn’t Mr. Kline’s first run-in with the law as he was on probation for another felony at the time of his arrest. He now faces a Felony strangulation charge as well as a felony assault with a weapon charge for the use of the club.

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