I know I'm at the point where I pretty much never answer my phone if I don't recognize the number, and I know a lot of people are in that same boat. I feel like I'm always getting spam calls, pre-recorded messages, or in some cases, people trying to scam me out of something.

Unfortunately, some of these scams actually do work on people - so it's always good to exercise caution and recognize the signs of a scammer at work.

And there's a new phone scam that's been hitting Missoula that police are now trying to warn people about.

The sheriff's office described the scam in detail on Facebook so that people will hopefully recognize it if and when it happens to them. And I'm no legal expert, but I'm pretty sure the fact that the scammer is impersonating a police officer is an extra layer of crime added on top of this!

The scammer pretending to be Lt. Kennedy, if he calls, is going to urgently ask for money or gift cards - remember, don't fall for this! The police aren't going to randomly call you and ask you to send them an Amazon gift card!

Montana Right Now has more on the story. Have you or someone you know ever fallen for a scam like this? This kind of thing ends up affecting more people than you think, so it's important to keep an eye out and report any suspicious calls that you think might be taking advantage of people.

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