Missoula Police were called out to the report of a violent assault at around 10:30 on Saturday night, but they encountered difficulties trying to find the victim. Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

"It was said that there may have been a stabbing victim, police responded to an apartment in the 1200 block of 34th Street, while there, they encountered a male and a female who appeared to have possibly been involved in some kind of disturbance, but neither one was forthcoming about what had occurred or how they themselves had received minor injuries."

Neither the male or female that police spoke with had been stabbed, but police did notice signs of a struggle in the apartment. Later, they encountered another man who had apparently walked nearly a mile with stab wounds in his neck.

"Police did locate a male who had been stabbed in the throat at a local market. That male was immediately transported to hospital where he is undergoing treatment, and, due to the proximity of his wounds in the front of his throat, we have not been able to speak with him very much."

Police went back to the apartment and arrested 25-year-old Natheniel Gregory Burd for a felony charge of assault with a weapon. It just so happens, that Police also arrested the woman from the apartment as 33-year-old Ashley Thibert was wanted on an extra-judicial warrant.

Photo courtesy of Missoula Jail
Photo courtesy of Missoula Jail

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