Missoula police are looking for a suspect or suspects in a series of blow dart attacks that have occurred since Sunday.

Public Information Officer Travis Welsh said three reports have been called into 9-1-1.

"Three individuals have reported being either assaulted with a dart, or having a dart sticking out of a vehicle tire," Welsh said. "We had two reports on Sunday the 10th and a third report on Monday the 11th, with the indication that the incident had occurred over the weekend."

Welsh said the one report in which a victim was injured occurred on Sunday.

"We had one adult female who was riding her bicycle northbound on Walnut near the intersection of South 5th Street," Welsh said. "She was impaled by a blow dart, and luckily it didn't leave much of a wound, and she didn't require medical attention. The only thing she could see at the time she was attacked was a silver SUV that went by her on the street, and that's the only description we have right now of a possible suspect."

Welsh said the suspect could be charged with offenses ranging from criminal mischief to assault with a weapon, depending upon the seriousness of the attacks.

Welsh is asking anyone with information about these blow dart attacks to contact Missoula Police at 552-6300, or Missoula Crimestoppers at 721-44-44.

Public Information Officer Travis Welsh


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