Nearly 50 law enforcement agencies throughout the state will be adding extra patrols over the Memorial Day weekend for the "Click It, Don't Risk It" campaign. 

Sergeant Greg Amundsen with the Missoula Police Department says teens and young adults will be the focus of the campaign, due to the lack of seat belt usage in that age group.

"It's kind of a national trend that teens and young adults are not wearing their seat belts, in that they account for a higher number of injuries and fatalities than they should because of not wearing a seat belt," Amundsen said. "You can get ejected, or you fly around inside the car and instead of being restrained in your seat, and you hit something when you shouldn't."

Amundsen said one of the drawbacks in enforcing the seat belt law is that it is not a primary violation, meaning a law enforcement vehicle cannot stop a motorist simply for not wearing a seat belt.

"You have to have committed some other violation before we can cite you for not wearing a seat belt," Amundsen said. "However, we will have extra patrols out and the officers will be looking for traffic violations, so that they can stop them, and make sure that everyone in the vehicle is properly restrained with seat belts and child safety seats. If not, they will be cited immediately, with no warning this weekend."

Missoula Police Department Traffic Sergeant Greg Amundsen



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