On Sunday, Missoula Police arrested John Ostermann for allegedly assaulting another man near a store front on East Broadway. Police are now hoping to speak with anyone who may have seen this crime take place. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains what happened that day.

“The suspect had accused the victim of actually stepping on some items that he had put on the sidewalk in front of him that he may have been offering for sale,” said Welsh. “The accusation led to an argument and a very quick escalation to violence. The suspect threw the male victim to the ground and began to kick him.”

According to Welsh, any witness of this crime is asked to call MPD Detective Guy Baker.

“Detective Guy Baker is seeking any persons that may have witnessed the assault take place,” Welsh said. “He would like to speak with those people if they are willing to call in. They can reach him by calling (406) 396-3217.”

The victim of this crime was admitted to the hospital as a result of the attack. Welsh says both males involved are in their 50s.

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