On Thursday, The Department of Commerce announced that 26 Montana towns will receive grants to help them attract visitors to their communities. Funds totaling over $829,000 will be awarded through the Tourism Grant Program. Bureau Chief for the Industry Services and Outreach Team Jan Stoddard explains.

“These grants are from non-profits, city or county governments, or tribal groups for the purposes of either digital enhancement or development of their tourism products, improvement of their visitor information centers, or some type of infrastructure that really would impact that community,” Stoddard said.

According to Stoddard, an organization in Missoula is receiving over $15,000 for a new project.

“There is an exciting project being done by the Missoula Downtown Federation that is taking time to take a look at some of the historic offerings for both residents and non-residents,” Stoddard said. “They will focus on places off the beaten track that you may not know about already that are really important to the historical and cultural components of Missoula.”

The Montana Natural History Center in Missoula was awarded $10,000 to improve interpretive exhibits at the History Center and at the Ravalli County Museum.

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