The number of felony cases handled by the Missoula County Attorney’s office took a dip this past week, to less than 15, however, according to County Attorney Kirsten Pabst, a majority of those were violent crimes.

"There was an attempted Sexual Intercourse Without Consent charge that happened in front of the courthouse, in front of witness," Pabst said. "There was a simple assault case in which a female, punched another female, there was a violation of an order of protection in which the victim was the suspects ex-wife... and then there were five Partner or Family Member Assault Cases (PFMA)."

Some of those PFMA cases were very complicated: one man (Mr. Prink pictured above) is facing three felony assaults with a weapon charges and aggravated kidnapping charges. A woman was charged with PFMA twice in the same week for attacks on the same person. On top of that, there were some severe endangerment cases.

"There were a couple of endangerment crimes: a felony DUI in which the suspect displayed poor driving and then when pulled over by law enforcement allegedly went on the fight, then there was a criminal endangerment case in which the allegation is that the defendant almost caused a head-on collision on Highway 10 West," Pabst said.

There were some odd crimes this past week as well, one individual is facing theft charges for swiping cigarettes, another is facing a criminal mischief charge for pouring sugar into a motorcycle’s gas tank.

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