Two Missoula businesses have teamed up to raise funds to help develop a breast cancer vaccine through an effort called ‘Brakes for Breasts’.

Chris Gerber of Transolution Auto Care explained how the fundraiser works.

“Certain vendors would donate the brakes and then the shops would install the brakes for the brake pads themselves and the customer would pay for the labor and rotors and whatever else was needed and 10 percent of all that would go to the ‘Brakes for Breasts’ campaign,” said Gerber. “We decided this year that we wanted to participate, and so we talked to O’Reilly Auto Parts and they decided to go with us on this program and they are donating the brakes and we are running it through our shop, and it goes through the end of October. At the end of the month we’ll send all the proceeds to the ‘Brakes for Breasts’ campaign.”

Gerber said he did extensive research into the fundraiser before deciding to take part.

“I’m in with a ‘20 group’, a group of businesses that I’m associated with, and there were quite a few of that group that went on the program and they were very impressed,” he said. “We’re the only ones that I know of in Montana who are participating. Dr. Tuohy at the Cleveland Clinic is the one who has come very close to creating the vaccine that would prevent breast cancer, so the more donations that come in the more testing that can be done.”

The total amount raised so far since 2011 is $747,771.

Transolution if located on Highway 93 South just east of Peak Health and Fitness, and O’Reilly Auto Parts has locations on Brooks, Third Street and on East Broadway.

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