Missoula has certainly seen its share of closures over the last few months. Beloved spots like The Hub, Caffe Dolce, the Hob Nob, the Staggering Ox, Sparkle Laundry, and more have all fallen victim to outside forces like rising rent costs and a lack of willing employees. It's been a real bummer to see it happen.

And it's not just spots that are unique to Missoula - even national chains are shutting down some of their locations. We found out a little while ago about Taco John's on Broadway closing permanently, and now, we can add another spot to the ever-growing list of Missoula closures.

The West Broadway Subway location is closed down for good.

The Subway at 1650 W Broadway had been closed temporarily for a little bit, but the Missoulian reports that it is officially done. There's a sign on the door thanking customers for their business over the years, and the building is currently available for lease.

I put on my investigative journalism hat (it's a fedora) and called the building just to make sure. No answer. Then I called one of the other Subways in Missoula, where an employee confirmed that yes, the West Broadway location is shut down for good.

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Other Missoula Subway locations are still open.

The good news is, there is no shortage of Subways in Missoula. We've still got five other locations around town, on North Reserve, South Reserve, Brooks, Higgins, and East Broadway. No word on why the West Broadway spot had to close, but hopefully they were able to relocate at least some of their employees to those other spots.

Were you a frequent customer of the Subway on West Broadway? What do you think will be coming in to take its place?

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