Make Your Move, the council of local victim services and prevention agencies that includes Missoula City-County Relationship Violence Services, will be unveiling new artwork for their ‘Make Consent Explicit’ campaign during First Friday in downtown Missoula.

Outreach specialist for Missoula City County Relationship Violence Services, Brenna Merrill, said the event will be held at the Western Montana Community Center on Friday evening.

city of Missoula
City of Missoula

“We have created seven different posters, two audio ads and one video ad, and those are all going live this month here in Missoula,” Merrill said. “The tagline of these posters is ‘Great sex begins where it ends, with a yes, yes, yes!’ Really, consent and the way we communicate about our sexual activities should be explicit. We should be clear about what we’re asking and what we want to do. Our goal with this campaign is to highlight the fact that open communication and affirmative consent will improve your sex life.”

Merrill said there will be a variety of activities at the First Friday Reception.

“You’ll be able to view the new posters, and there will also be a photo booth where you can take photos with consent phrases and talk about ways that you can make your best move,” she said. “There will also be coloring pages so you can take home your own consent poster, as well as some free stickers and a swag giveaway.”

The event is Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Western Montana Community Center which is on the second floor of the building just north of The Catalyst.

If you're still struggling with the concept of consent, we recommend you watch the humorous and informative video below:

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