If you're a fan of Missoula's many food trucks and you aren't following Food Truck Locator on Instagram, you gotta fix that right now. The account has been active for almost two years now - we talked about it soon after it first launched - and it's only kept growing in popularity. It has become a key part of the Missoula dining experience, and whenever I'm heading somewhere and I'm not sure what my food options are going to be, I always check the Food Truck Locator to see if there will be any trucks nearby. They're even in the running for Best Local App in the Missoulian's Best of Missoula 2022.

Recently, the Food Truck Locator surpassed 10,000 followers, a pretty monumental feat for an account that solely tracks the locations of food trucks in one specific town. So to celebrate, they're giving back to their followers with a pretty awesome contest.

Food Truck Locator is Giving Away Free Meals From Every Local Food Truck

Food Truck Locator is teaming up with every local food truck in Missoula to give away one free meal per day. They announced the contest - where else? - on their Instagram page.

Every day, a different food truck will be featured - all you've got to do is @ them in the comments and follow their account and you could win a free meal from that day's truck! Easy enough, right?

Congrats to Food Truck Locator on the 10,000 follower milestone - but now the bar has been raised for when they hit 20,000. What will they come up with then? We'll have to wait and find out.

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