The Amber Alert system in Montana is getting an upgrade thanks to a $15,000 donation from the Town Pump Foundation. According to Montana Attorney General Tim Fox, the Amber Alert System has helped lead to the finding of many Montana kids.

"We're able to get these alerts out pretty quickly and it's helped Montana through the years recover a number of children," Fox said. "We've had 30 amber alerts since 2003 when the amber alert system was instituted in Montana. We recovered all 46 children involved in those alerts, and unfortunately, tragically four of the children were deceased."

The new CodeRED software upgrade will increase the avenues by which amber alerts can be sent out.

"We are able to do a number of things that are very innovating and will help us react and respond to amber alert situations more quickly," Fox said. "We can be more targeted. We can use a number of communication modes and mediums that we were not able to use before such as text messaging and RSS systems."

CodeRED software is also available for the public and a CodeRed App can be downloaded from the Montana Department of Justice website. A test run of the new software is set for October 10.

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