The Affordable Care Act took a hit today, June 30, when the Supreme Court decided in its Burwell v Hobby Lobby decision that small corporations did not have to follow the law’s insurance contraception mandates, or pay a fine, if there were certain moral objections. Montana Attorney General Tim Fox was pleased with the decision.

"This case is really important because of the religious freedom implications to all Americans, that's why I joined 19 other state Attorney's General in filing a friend of the court brief or amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme court, supporting these small, for profit family owned businesses such as Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood," Fox said.

Fox took the opportunity to comment more broadly on the Affordable Care Act and the Obama administration.

"President Obama has taken unilateral steps through his administration to make a lot of changes after there were embarrassing problems that arose from the law," Fox said. "It's just been a train wreck. Unfortunately it has violated the rights of Americans in many ways, and I will continue to find ways to make sure the federal government doesn't over reach, as they have with this law."

The businesses involved in the lawsuit have a relatively small presence in Montana, though there is a Hobby Lobby store in Billings.