My lower back hurts just thinking about standing in line for three hours. Come to think of it, my knees hurt too. And yet, the Montana Democrat Party is filing a lawsuit to keep the mess known as same day registration in place.

Think about it, because of the mess known as same day voter registration, we've had people in multiple counties across Montana who have been stuck waiting in line for hours just to try and vote. They're stuck waiting in line because of same day registration and the problems it causes.

As Les in Three Forks pointed out during one of our radio shows, "Election day should be reserved for voting, not registering. There is however 364 days before that anyone can register."

What's even more absurd about the Montana Democrat Party's lawsuit to overturn the bill signed into law doing away with same day registration, is their argument for why they think we should keep same day registration. They claim that doing away with same day registration makes it harder for people to vote.

Specifically, they claim it makes it harder for the elderly and people with disabilities to vote. What is harder- standing in line for three hours on election day, or getting registered to vote on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday prior to the election? Obviously it is much harder to vote when you're forced to stand in line for three hours. And that's exactly what this lawsuit from the Montana Democrat Party would do- it would make it harder to vote.

Great. Now my head hurts too.


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