Gas prices in Montana spiked again this past week, and, according to Petroleum Analyst Will Spear, they are climbing faster than prices in nearly any other state.

"This is a rough week for Montana drivers, gas prices shot up nearly seven cents in one week's time," Spear said. "Now, currently sitting at $2.18. The biggest jump we've seen have really been in Montana, Utah, Idaho, and Washington states. Over the past month, Montanans have watched their prices go up nearly 19 cents."

Spear says the rising prices are caused by problems at the refineries that feed the Rocky Mountain region, and that things will likely get worse.

"It's a really scary prospect. Memorial Day is just two weeks away and the refining situation hasn't improved as much as we'd like," Spear said. "Memorial Day kicks off the high demand driving season, and we could start seeing a 5 - 10 cent per week jump."

While prices in Montana climb, much of the country is seeing decreases at the pump. Montana has had lower prices than the national average for months, but may meet or exceed the national average this week.

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