This has to be one of the coolest things any of my friends have ever done, and that says a lot because all my friends are straight up legends!!!

But seriously, who can say that one of their friends has actually laid eyes on Mt. Everest?!

Lauren LoftsShaela Waltee, Erin O'Reilly and Angela Hawkaluk have done something that very few people, especially from Montana, have done before. They traveled over 7,000 miles to hike up to Mt. Everest's base camp in KathmanduNepal! From the look of their Facebook updates, this was no mean feat. Battling sickness, blisters and sore muscles, these girls have proven just how bad ass they are by making it to the base of one of the world's most infamous mountains!

Check out their full story and follow along with the rest of their journey by clicking HERE!

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