Like so many worthwhile charities in 2020, Griz for Kids lost its momentum with no football games.

But the Montana Grizzly football team is back at it in 2021, and calling upon your generosity to support the annual Griz for Kids Toy Drive. Donating toys before the game is easy. Sometimes the harder part is remembering to bring them with you. But cash donations work pretty good, too.

Since 2005, members of the Grizzly football team have volunteered their time to create awareness among their fans to help local needy children. They work with a number of Missoula social service organizations to get new toys in front of children who might have an otherwise less merry Christmas.

This season's Griz for Kids Toy Drive is at the next Montana home football game, Saturday, October 30. Please remember to bring new, unwrapped toys to the game with you. There will be tables set up at every gate, where you can drop off the toys before entering Washington-Grizzly Stadium. And if you do forget to bring toys, cash donations will be accepted as well.

As far as what to donate is pretty much at your discretion. There is no certain age or gender that is in a greater need than the other. I do notice the drop-off stations tend to have lots of toys that cater to the youngest kiddos, so maybe consider things in those 6-9 and 10-and-up age ranges, too.

But whatever you donate, you can be sure it will find a good home and make a child in need's Christmas a bit merrier.


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