Oh yeah. Montana has seen this act before. Throw on the phony Carhartt. Pretend to be a moderate. That's exactly what Fetterman is doing with the phony Carhartt in Pennsylvania. It's what Jon Tester has done for years in Montana.

John Fetterman is the Democrat candidate for the US Senate in Pennsylvania. He's also a radical Bernie-bro leftist who lived off his parents' money until he was 49. But, he throws on the phony Carhartt so he can pretend to be working class, so he can pretend to be moderate.

Hannity tore into Fetterman on a recent episode where he highlighted Fetterman's position against fracking, the Keystone pipeline, and more:

He (Fetterman) needs your money desperately because I told the truth on his positions on legalizing drugs; and fracking; and believing in sanctuary cities and states; and getting violent criminals out of jail; abortion up until the moment of birth with no restrictions whatsoever.

Yes, Montanans have seen this phoniness time and time again. Liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) pretends to be a moderate, yet does nothing to get the Keystone pipeline across the finish line, supports the radical Green New Deal spending bills on the Hill, and supports the liberal judicial nominees that want to take away your gun rights. But then he takes off his fancy suit, comes back to Montana, throws on a dirty phony Carhartt for a photo opp, pretends to be moderate, then goes right back to voting for radical Left-wing policies in DC.

Hopefully the folks in Pennsylvania won't fall for it with Fetterman and the phony Carhartt. (By the way- didn't Carhartt force their employees to get the COVID shot?)

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