An amendatory veto by Governor Steve Bullock will likely have little impact on the upcoming special election for Ryan Zinke’s U.S. House Seat. Montana Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen was asked whether or not the legislature would be called to vote on the mail-in only ballot proposal and his spokeswoman Lindsay Singer responded saying “we have full boards with a lot of bills to get through over the next several days.”

Though the response wasn’t a clear yes or no, she followed up with a clearer statement.

"The Governor used his power to shoehorn in a piece of legislation into a completely different bill and seeing the mail ballot legislation for a second time doesn't change the fact that it is bad policy," said Singer. "The house has vetted this legislation already and has voted against it the first time around."

While anything is possible in the legislature, it appears that polls across Montana will remain open this time.

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