A group of republican legislators have failed to get a special legislative session approved to deal with issue of campaign financing in Montana. Bozeman Representative Matthew Monforton supported the failed motion.

"I was strongly supporting it, as were several other conservative republicans," Monforton said. "We're concerned about the 'Bullock Loophole,' even though state law says there limits to are monetary contributions the 'Bullock Loophole' allows unlimited contributions in the form of staffing and other kinds of resources so it's really disingenuous."

Monforton described the vote as “lop-sided and unfortunate.”  Even though the special session would have cost around $100,000, Monforton believes it would have saved the state money.

"Every democrat voted against it and the phony liberal rino republican voted against it as well," Monforton said. "It would've cost probably eighty thousand to a hundred thousand dollars but unfortunately the campaign contribution lawsuit that is going on right now is costing the state over a million dollars. Its now back on appeal and it will probably cost the state one to two million dollars, so this is actually going to save the state a lot of money."k

The final vote against the special session was an overwhelming 74 to 20.