27 year-old Michael Furbush is in the Lake County Jail after being arrested on Wednesday  for making bomb threats against the Lake County Courthouse and county detention officers.

Lake County Sheriff Don Bell said Furbush's girlfriend was an inmate in the Lake County Jail.

"The male (Furbush) and a third party sent multiple threats, saying they were going to come down and blow up the jail and kill detention officers," Bell said. "He made multiple threats, and so we investigated and determined that he was in Flathead County so we issued a $100,000 warrant for his arrest We contacted Flathead County and they ended up arresting him for us."

Bell said Furbush posted his threats online.

"He did post pictures of guns and knives, so we had to take the threats seriously," he said. "We had information that he was associating with anti-government, paramilitary people, so we did take the threat seriously."

Bell said Furbush has been charged with making threats and improper influences in official and political matters. He appeared in Lake County Justice Court on Thursday afternoon.

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