Montana's public school science content standards haven't been updated since 2006, so Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau has selected 17 people to serve on a negotiated rule making committee to begin the process. 

"We've been in the process of updating our content standards in science for quite awhile now," Juneau said. "We've brought together teachers who are familiar with the content area. They're revised, reviewed and rewritten these content standards, so they really are made by Montana teachers, for Montana kids in Montana schools. Now it's in a process called negotiated rule making."

Juneau said the individuals chosen for the committee come from a wide variety of experts and educators.

"I'm looking into diving into this with this negotiated rule making committee  as they look at these standards and make sure they are the right fit going forward," Juneau said. "They really are forward looking about what students are going to need for future jobs, for STEM fields, and includes technology for the first time, and they make sure that Indian Education for All is integrated into this content area. We really look forward to moving this process forward."

Juneau's office was careful to note that these are content area standards, and not curriculum. Curriculum decisions are made only at the local school district level.

According to a news release from OPI, the committee members include:

Lorie Carey, Boulder, District Clerk, Region 4 Director of MT Association of School Business Officials

Scott Dubbs, Lewistown, Curriculum Director

Chris Olszewski, Great Falls, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Theresa Miller, Havre, School Board Trustee

Kathleen Harder-Brouwer, Corvallis, School Board Trustee

Gerry Wheeler, Bozeman, Emeritus, MSU Professor of Physics

John Kirkley, Dillon, UM-Western, Professor of Biology

Kristy Michael, Bozeman, taxpayer, Montana Outdoor Science School board member

Marissa Spang, Ashland, taxpayer, Graduate Student and Natural Resources Administrator for Northern Cheyenne Tribe

Beth Covitt, Missoula, parent and head of science education research and evaluation at Spectrum Discovery Area

Wendy Hopkins, Dodson, 7-12 Science Teacher

Judy Boyle, Divide, K-8 Teacher

Beth Schule, Kalispell, middle school Science Teacher

Joy-Lyn McDonald, Sidney, high school Science Teacher

Pete Donovan, Board of Public Education Executive Director

Jael Prezeau, OPI Content Standards and Instruction Administrator

Ann Gilkey, OPI Chief Legal Counsel


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