An important conference for healthcare professionals regarding chronic pain is going on Thursday and Friday at the University of Montana.

Dr. of Osteopathy Marc Mentel, associate professor of clinical medicine at the University of Montana, outlined the topics being covered at the conference specifically for medical professionals.

“We know that chronic, non-cancer pain can affect anywhere from one out of every three Americans, and it can be very debilitating,” Dr. Mentel said. “We’re trying to find out about the current recommendations, current best knowledge and current science on how we can best approach and manage patients with these kids of chronic conditions.”

The conference offers specialized information for doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers.

“It’s more geared for medical providers,” he said. “Anyone in healthcare that may come in contact with patients who have chronic pain, and that can be anyone from nurses to doctors, to physical therapists, to physician’s assistants, to nurse practitioners. Anyone in the healthcare spectrum that has contact with chronic non-cancer pain.”

Experts will discuss topics such as opiod-use disorder in rural communities, meditation versus medicine, issues in communicating about chronic pain, using cannabis to treat chronic pain and other topic.

Get details by calling 243-5575.

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