Montana Senator Steve Daines held his 42nd TeleTown meeting on Tuesday night from his office in Washington, D.C.

Before he began taking questions from callers, Daines expressed his deep disappointment over current conditions in the U.S., including crisis after crisis, which he laid at the feet of the Biden Administration.

“We've had the inflation crisis,” he began. “We've had the energy crisis. We've got the southern border crisis, and Montanans are feeling the pain of sky-high costs under President Biden's inflation crisis. In fact, last month, inflation surged higher than economists predicted. They were expecting bad numbers, but 9.1%? That's the worst and the highest rate we've seen in 41 years.”

Daines hearkened back to the Jimmy Carter years in the 1970s to compare the current inflation rate during the Biden administration.

“Somebody said today that Joe Biden has accomplished in a year and a half with Jimmy Carter took four years to do terms of inflation and now, interest rates are also moving up,” he said. “In fact, look at the cost of everyday necessities for Montana, they skyrocketed. The cost of chicken is up 18 percent, eggs are up 33 percent, the price of milk is up over 16 percent; And as we all know, it costs 60 percent more to fill up your pickup than it did a year ago.”

Continuing his emphasis on energy, Daines said just a short time ago, America was the largest exporter of energy in the world, but he said it didn’t take President Biden long to put a stop to that.

“Let's not forget on Biden's first day in office,” he said. “Just hours after being sworn in, he killed the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would have brought good paying jobs and 60 to $70 million every year of new tax revenues to Montana communities that are badly needed in the eastern part of our state. While Biden has launched attack after attack on traditional American energy production, look what happened just last week. He flew over to Saudi Arabia pleading with the Saudi Arabians to supply more oil.”

Daines said President Biden and the Democrats in the U.S. Senate are trying to push through yet another ‘tax and spend’ bill.

“To now buy in the Senate Democrats, they're trying to revive the reckless tax and spend bill which would make inflation worse and raise taxes on Montana, small businesses where they'd be targeting it and based on reports, they want to impose another 4% increase in the tax rate on small businesses that could impact as many as nearly 3000 Montana small businesses, which employs 70% of our Montana jobs.”

Daines joined with Democrat Joe Manchin to attack proposed climate protections for endangered  species that would affect the U.S. Forest Service and the BLM (Bureau of Land Management)

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