Great job Sheriff Slaughter. Canada & the ATF wanted to spy on Americans at a gun show in Montana, and they didn't even notify the sheriff in advance. The sheriff told 'em to get out. They smartly complied.

That was my reaction to this story recently reported by ABC Fox Montana and others.

I later added this: Given the trampling of civil liberties that have taken place in Lethbridge and in Canada...all the more reason to tell some Canadian authority to get the hell out of our state.



I've been in Great Falls this week for the Montana Electric Cooperatives Association meeting. While here I was able to sit down with Sheriff Slaughter and talk about this story in a little more depth.

Sheriff Slaughter: There's there's three major concerns that I have with this issue. Number one is public safety. House Bill 102 passed last session. So a government building, which the fairgrounds is, used to be a prohibited place for people to carry concealed firearms or the permit. That's not the case anymore. So now you literally probably have hundreds of people inside of the fairgrounds building carrying firearms lawfully.

Aaron Flint: Especially at a gun show.

Sheriff Slaughter: Absolutely. Yeah. It's that culture. So you've got all these people then- the federal government decides to do an operation, and they don't want to tell their local sheriff about it? And then the issue becomes, what type of public safety issue do we have if we end up with a use of force situation during the gun show?

Sheriff Slaughter says he and his deputies will be sitting down with the ATF later this week to talk about the incident, and how to prevent similar scenes playing out down the road.

Here's the full podcast audio with Sheriff Slaughter during our sit down interview in Great Falls.

Credit Aaron Flint
Credit Aaron Flint



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