We have always heard stories about antiquated laws that are allegedly still on the books. These laws seem weird, but they are technically still laws. Just finding a court that will actually uphold these laws is going to be difficult.

According to  coolidgelawfirmaz.com, there are strange laws like these all over the country.

In Minnesota, you can’t chase a greased pig.
In Arizona, you need a permit to feed a pig garbage.
In Connecticut, a pickle, by regulation, must bounce when dropped from a foot’s height.

Montana is another state with some very strange laws that are still on the books.

Did you know that it is illegal for women to go fishing alone on Sundays in Montana? How about the law that says you're breaking the law in Montana if you have more than one alarm clock ringing at the same time? There is even a steep penalty for anyone who leads sheep to a railroad track with the intent to harm a train. It could land you in jail for 5 years and a $50,000 penalty.

Another antiquated law on the books is that if a student rides their horse to school, it is the principal's job to take care of the horse during the school day. Which means they are in charge of feeding, watering, and making the horse comfortable.

In classic Montana-style, some students are taking advantage of this law as the school year comes to a close.

Principal Dynneson of Sidney High School recently found himself taking care of a horse. A student named Wyatt Reid decided to try a see if the principal would follow through with his duties, according to the LAW.

Thanks to Mr. Dynneson for being such a good sport and playing along. This law, even though old and ridiculous, is another thing that makes Montana a fun place to be.

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