Did you see that "woke" of a joke CIA recruitment ad video? Seriously, if you watched it, you probably thought it was a joke, maybe a trailer for a movie making fun of the politicization of the CIA. Nope, it was an actual recruitment video put out under the Joe Biden CIA.

In the video, the woman, allegedly a CIA analyst or agent, talks about being "a cisgender millennial who has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder."

So, if you and I thought it was a joke when you first saw it, what did someone who actually served in the CIA think about it?

Former CIA operations officer Sam Faddis joined us on the Montana Talks radio show with Aaron Flint. Before his retirement, Faddis headed up the counter weapons of mass destruction unit at the CIA. He now serves as the editor of AND Magazine.

Faddis: Espionage is not a kind, fuzzy, gentle business, you know. It's a very, very hard, unforgiving business where you can get dead real fast. And so can the sources you're running, and nobody cares about all of this nonsense...when you're downrange and you're in harms way nobody cares if you're black, brown, who you sleep with. Nobody cares about your religious affiliation. You're all one team, one fight, and you either can pull your weight or you can't.

Getting your gender pronouns right may work if you're gathering intel in downtown Portland or Seattle, but what about the rest of the world? They're nowhere near as sensitive and kind and gentle as we here in America are. How are these recruits going to be able to operate elsewhere in the world?

Faddis: Yeah, well that's 100% correct...I used to tell junior officers working for me in a field when I was running shops, look, I can to the extent possible control the dynamics inside this station. If you're a female officer here, you got a male colleague who's coming across like a jerk and being a sexist pig, I can grab him by the collar, drag him in my office, back him up against the wall and explain to him that either he gets his act together or he gets on a plane and goes home. I can do that. Once you walk out the door of this embassy onto the street in the middle of the Middle East, I no longer have the capacity to control the cultural attitudes around you.

Will you be treated the same on the street because you are a white female in this country? No. By no means, and I can't possibly change them. So as unfair as that is, and as much as we all wish it was not that way, that's the reality...I had female officers without question, by the way, who went out in those environments and outperformed their male colleagues. Day in and day out.

We also got his take on the latest intel concerning Antifa in the Pacific Northwest. Click below for the full audio with Sam Faddis and Aaron Flint:

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