Some of you know our good friend George Blackard.

He's a great Navy veteran who has tirelessly served his fellow veterans here in Montana. He is constantly helping other people.

Recently, he moved his elderly father to Montana so he could help care for him. His dad was battling lung cancer, COPD, and a few other things. His dad had already overcome pneumonia and was released from the hospital  Sadly, his dad ended up passing away quietly in their home.

You have to got hear his story.

First, he talked about how he had to battle the system over his dad's death certificate. His dad did not test positive for COVID-19. No doctor examined him when he died. And yet, the system desperately wanted to keep listing COVID-19 as the cause of death.

Here's something else...

George was fully vaccinated and still got hospitalized with COVID.

As a result of caring for his elderly father, George was in and out of the hospitals, masked up each time. George also got vaccinated so that he could better help care for his father. A few weeks later, George contracted COVID-19 himself and ended up in the hospital.

Why was he not allowed other treatment options once he was admitted into the hospital? He did everything they asked, right (got the vaccine, wore the mask etc)? Is masks work, why couldn't his family visit him if they wore masks? And what happened to the hospital's complaint box?

Here's the full audio of our chat with George Blackard:

By the way, if anyone would like to join us on the radio show with a different perspective or a response- our doors and phone lines are always open.

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