I've heard from a lot of our fellow veterans here in Montana and elsewhere across the country over the past few days. We're pissed off. We're disgusted.

I'm with you. The last week, especially, pissed me off too.

If you're a veteran out there who is ticked off, I'd just encourage you: don't hold it in. Get it off your chest. Meet a fellow veteran for coffee or a beer--do something other than just remaining in isolation.

I was lucky enough to be able to burn off some steam in a boxing class over the weekend at the APC gym in Billings. The Adaptive Performance Center is a veterans-only gym that is working to use exercise, fitness, and camaraderie to try and tackle the veteran's suicide epidemic.

According to Fox News, calls in to the Veterans Crisis Line are up in recent days:

The Veterans Crisis Line is reporting an average daily volume increase of 6% for calls, 83% for texts, and 40% for chat messages since Aug. 13.

If you're a veteran who is struggling, or just simply is looking for more ways to get connected in the community, I'd encourage you to check out some of the incredible programs right here in Montana. Warriors & Quiet Waters gets wounded warriors and their families out fly fishing. Horses Spirits Healing near Billings gets you out working with horses. And at the APC you can get back in the fight--literally.

I had never boxed much before in my life, but when the gyms shut down during the pandemic (the APC was actually able to stay open) I started doing online "fight" classes in my garage. I got hooked. It's a great workout, especially for those of you with bad backs that can't run and do the cardio like you used to.

***By the way- that's me along with Coach Richard from the APC gym in the photo above. He's the Army veteran who teaches a killer boxing class every Saturday morning at 11 am in Billings. He also has early and mid-morning classes every M-F.  

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