Greg Franks with the Summit Cigar Lounge in Billings tells us, "you meet the most interesting people over a cigar."

Richard Miniter is an author who has landed three books on the New York Times top ten bestseller list. He's also written extensively for the Wall Street Journal,, and other publications. Thankfully for us he recently married a Montana girl, and is spending a decent amount of time here in the state.

We chatted with Miniter over a cigar at the Summit Cigar Lounge in Billings on Monday, as he joined us for our full statewide radio talk show- Montana Talks with Aaron Flint.

Miniter's three bestsellers included Losing Bin Laden, Shadow War, and Mastermind- the first biography of 9/11 planner Khalid Shaikh Mohammed.  We talked with him about the shift in focus from counter-terrorism to Great Power competition (if you want to call it that).

Greg Franks also told me before the show that I should ask him about Hunter Biden's laptop, if he can talk about it.

What do we know about Hunter Biden's laptop? We know that there was apparently child pornography that hunter Biden had on this laptop. We know about the alcohol and the drugs. We know that there were conversations about "the big guy"- meaning Joe Biden- and China business deals. But apparently there's a lot more than that, according to Miniter:

There's about 10 years of history. So here you have Hunter Biden's entire life laid there for more than a decade, according to his own iCloud account. And you can see private messages between him and the man who's now President of the United States...

As you see the email and text exchanges between Hunter and his father, one stands out to me. It's a series of two photographs he sent his father nearly simultaneously. One is a photo of himself with what they call meth mouth- very messed up teeth. I mean, kind of velociraptor dirty. And, and then it's a frightening smile. It's a smile that behind it obviously stands a mile of tragedy, and dark moments...the second photo is him smiling with a full set of teeth. He has spent over almost $10,000 according to his internal messages, getting his entire set of teeth capped. And the message underneath to his father- and this is the point where it changes how you look at Hunter. He says, 'Do you love me now, Dad? Do you love me now?' Think about a grown man writing that to his father.  And even more chilling, is Joe Biden's response, which was to quote a line from Game of Thrones. 'You were bone of my bone blood of my blood.'...That's how you write back to your son to the question- do you love me now? What a cold and complex relationship those two Bidens must have?

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