MISSOULA, Mont. - A new website and outreach program launched Monday in Missoula hopes to tackle Montana's number one in the nation status when it comes to suicide.

Project Tomorrow MT wants to reduce the number of suicides in our state with outreach programs, in both printed materials and a new website, ProjectTomorrowMT.org.

The project was made possible in part by a $10,000 grant from Wells Fargo.

The website features resources for those who might be contemplating suicide or those who might want to know how to help someone thinking of it.

Sometimes the biggest problem is one that is not spoken about, according to United Way CEO Susan Hay Patrick.

"We need to normalize seeking help," she said. "We are proud Montanans, with a very high percentage of veterans. One of the highest in the nation per capita. (Which) is not necessarily a culture that encourages people to seek help."

Since October, there have been 30 suicides in Missoula County alone. Project Tomorrow MT hopes to make that number zero.

To learn more about Project Tomorrow MT, visit its website.

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