First, a little background.

This story first caught my eye via The Daily Caller. Turns out an election software company in the US has ties to the Communist Chinese Party, and their top executive was recently arrested. A few days later, I spotted an article by Roy McKenzie for a relatively new conservative news website called "Western Montana News" reporting that Montana had a contract with that company for our electronic overseas voting.

When I spotted McKenzie's piece, I reached out to the Montana Secretary of State's office for more information. The spokesman for the Secretary of State's office told me that Montana does not have a contract with that company.

McKenzie heard the same info, and wrote a follow up piece raising additional questions. He also reports that several Montana lawmakers are now raising additional questions and are calling for an investigation.

I got a chance to catch up with McKenzie on the radio Monday morning.

Here's how I would sum up the questions that remain: If no contract with Konnech- when did that contract end? Are there any existing contracts with companies that are affiliated with Yu or Konnech and the State of Montana? Who is the contract with for electronic voting? What is the oversight? Was the private/personal info of Montanans, particularly those who were serving overseas with the US military compromised as a result of former Sec. of State Linda McCulloch (D-MT) signing a contract with Konnech (if there was a contract)?

Here's the full audio of our conversation with Roy McKenzie from Western Montana News:

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