Cancer. The dreaded word that haunts the lives of so many loved ones. But the non-profit company Love Your Melon chooses to focus on another word. Superhero.

Every day thousands of children right here in the United States fight for their lives, battling a disease that no child or human being should ever have to face. These children who show so much strength, courage and faith to get through a single day, and still somehow have the power to light up the lives of those around them. In my eyes, and the eyes of those who created Love Your Melon, these kids are the definition of superheroes.

Here's what Love Your Melon is all about:

Love Your Melon is an apparel brand dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer in America as well as supporting nonprofit organizations who lead the fight against pediatric cancer.

Our nonprofit partners work in the field of pediatric oncology, fund cancer research initiatives and provide immediate support for families of children battling cancer. Fifty percent (50%) of profit from the sale of all Love Your Melon products is given to our nonprofit partners.

So this incredible company also created 'Campus Crews' that sport their LYM beanies and merch on University campuses all across the country and help promote the overall mission. These student based crews also help local superheroes embark on their very own superhero adventures.

According to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, therapeutic treatment may boost the immune system, stimulate the heart and lungs, relax muscles, relieve pain and balance blood pressure. Therapeutic treatments help make children battling cancer comfortable and provide the opportunity for them to talk to their friends and family about positive experiences, rather than negative ones that involve the pain they are going through.

Our guy Monte showed up in a big way to help our very own and extremely powerful superhero, Easton, embark on his own adventure. Not only did they rock awesome blue LYM beanies, but they spent the day eating pizza and going on super secret outdoor adventures. From the looks of things, Easton and Monte might be our favorite superhero team yet!!!

Go Griz! Go Easton!

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