Attention Mushroom pickers! There are some good mushrooms and bad ones out there. This time of year you do find Morel pickers and foragers about so this is a good reminder.

Mushroom Appreciation breaks down some of the mushrooms you need to be aware of: Little Brown Mushrooms are very common and they are not edible! You see these a lot while out on hikes regularly.

The Amanita mushroom is considered one of the deadliest mushrooms, there are different types of these and ones is pictures below. Sometimes is called 'Death Cap'.

Autumn in Ivanovo Region, Russia
(Photo by Vladimir SmirnovTASS via Getty Images)

This is the big one though is the "False Morel", yes a mushroom that can semi pass for a morel which is a popular picked mushroom. Be careful! This can cause many issues, such as vomiting, dizziness, and even death.

Some tips for identifying bad mushrooms are warts and scales on top, and the umbrella shaped top is a big sign too. Although that is commonly the type of mushroom we eat, you should be cautious.

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