Sometimes things just fall into place and everything works out like it was meant to be. Montana Day, an unofficial holiday that serves as a day of appreciation for all things Montana, is on April 6th (4-0-6 Day.) We follow that up with National Beer Day on April 7th. How perfect is that for back-to-back reasons to celebrate? Even better, 4-0-6 Day has also come to be known as New Beer's Eve. You gotta love it!

Montana breweries will release their Last Best Pale Ale on Montana Day

For the second year, multiple Montana Brewers Association (MBA) members are creating a Montana-made beer with 100% of the ingredients provided by Montana producers. Fifteen breweries are participating to produce their own recipes and provide their unique versions of the 2022 Last Best Pale Ale. Twelve of them are set to have their creations available on April 6th. It's expected that more breweries will eventually join in to produce additional versions of the Last Best Pale Ale.

I can think of no better way to celebrate our great state and its people than with a Montana-made beer brewed with Montana-grown malt and hops. We’re so thrilled to have Montana hop growers, Montana barley growers, Montana maltsters, and, of course, Montana brewers all participating in this collaboration beer. From the barley fields to your local taproom, Montana farmers, maltsters and brewers have produced a beer that embodies why this state we love is known as the Last Best Place  -MBA Executive Director Matt Leow-

Participating Breweries for the 2022 Last Best Pale Ale include:

2 Basset Brewery (White Sulphur Springs)
Bitter Root Brewing (Hamilton)
Blackfoot River Brewing Co. (Helena)
Bonsai Brewing (Whitefish)
Burnt Tree Brewing (Ennis)
Cabinet Mountain Brewing Co. (Libby)
Draught Works Brewery (Missoula)
Highlander Beer (Missoula)
Kalispell Brewing (Kalispell)
Katabatic Brewing Co. (Livingston)
KettleHouse Brewing (Missoula)
MAP Brewing Co. (Bozeman)
Ronan Coop (Ronan)
Sacred Waters Brewing Co. (Kalispell)
Ten Mile Creek Brewery (Helena)

**(Bitterroot Brewing, Bonsai Brewing, and Highlander Beer may not be on tap by 4/06. Check brewery websites or locations for release dates.)**

Help yourself to a Last Best Pale Ale and help the cause when you do

Not only is it pretty cool to experience the different tastes that come from each brewery with their Pale Ales, but it's all for a great cause as well. Breweries donate a portion of the proceeds to the MBA to help promote production and sales of Montana-made beers. You can enjoy this year's different versions of the Last Best Pale Ale throughout the rest of the year, while supplies last.

See the official press release from the Montana Brewers Association HERE.

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