Archery season opens this Labor Day weekend, and one fire official is using YouTube to encourage fire-safe behavior in the wild.

Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) spokesman Jordan Koppen has created not just one, but two new YouTube videos.

"They're for archery season that opens this weekend, and we're just trying to emphasize that campfires aren't allowed anywhere under Stage Two restrictions, and we're also trying to push the LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) stoves because they're definitely safer, and if you create the space on mineral soil that's going to be way safer than any kind of fire," Koppen said.

Koppen said this fire season has been exceptionally hard, and there are almost two months remaining.

"It just seems so dry, and it's getting worse with all the fires in the area," he said. "We're getting tapped out with resources, and we need to keep those guys focused on the task at hand with the fires in the area. We don't need any more stars from anyone else."


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