Now more than ever, I'm sooo thankful I did not grow up in a world with social media! Heck my parents didn't even let us have video games! We were just encouraged to partake in something that seems foreign to today's younger generation, it's a little something called social interaction...

Because our kids spend so much time on the internet, which has an endless supply of content, they come face to face with something called targeted online marketing. In my day, marketing consisted of billboards, magazine ads and those pesky mall kiosk people that you'd try and juke out. Nowadays, if you click on one thing on Amazon, every time you go on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. you get hit with 11 more options of things you could purchase, especially if you're an Amazon Prime member! This creates a constant feeling of want and need, not only in our children, but in us as well...

The same goes for the celebrities we follow on our social media accounts. I mean we can't go two seconds without seeing a celeb endorse something. Obviously these celebs are getting paid to endorse these products, but knowing that doesn't stop us from buying them. I for example, will purchase a $2 Smart Water because #1 I love their sexy but classy commercials with Jennifer Aniston (#GoalsAF) and #2 it makes me feel cooler than carrying around an average bottle of Aquafina. Does Smart Water quench my thirst any better than another water bottle brand? The answer is probably not, but I buy it anyways simply because it makes me feel better. And that's okay...

This idea of doing things or buying products solely for your happiness is a game changer! If you want to buy Kylie Jenner's lip kit because it makes you feel pretty - Buy it! If dying your hair neon yellow makes you feel like a bad ass - Dye it! If going to the gym every day and busting your ass boosts your confidence - Do it!


So all this brings me to Hailee Steinfeld's new song, Most Girls. Listening to it feels like a breath of fresh air. Instead of a song about sex and boys, she highlights the strength of girl power and self-love! Hailee isn't afraid to say (sing) that if you aren't happy with how you look or feel, it's okay to change. So if you don't like your hair color, change it! Want rock hard abs - bust your ass for them! In one song, she destigmatized the idea that wanting to better yourself or 'change the body that you came in' is a bad thing. Because it's not!

There's nothing wrong with wearing a lot of makeup and dying your hair a million different colors, if that's what it takes to make you feel your best! I know I for one rarely leave my house without my makeup done, and it's not because I care what people think, it simply gives me more confidence to face my day.

When I saw the new Most Girls music video, I was immediately reminded of the Missoula women I see everyday at my BoxCore and Pure Barre classes. No one HAS to be there, but they make the choice that they are going to show up and burn it out for an hour. They are putting themselves first so that they can get one step closer to their overall health goal!

The video also shed some light on my friend groups. Geography isn't the only thing that differentiates them. One group is attracted to designer labels, Instagram photos and pop/alternative/hip-hop music. Another prefers long hikes in Glacier National Park, nature Instagram shots and bluegrass tunes. All my friends are so unique and special and yet can all be classified under the 'most girls' category. Each and every one of them does what they want, when they want in order to make themselves happy. They are strong and independent and frankly don't give a sh** what other people think about them. They live their lives for themselves, and I will forever admire them for that!

So with this being said, I 100% agree with the message behind Hailee's track. I think if we all took a step back and looked at our lives, separating the things that make us happy from the concepts we think we need to embrace to fit in, we'd know what it's like to be truly satisfied. And if we raise our children to embrace the idea that it's okay to do and chase what makes you happy, we'd hopefully have a society with less cyber-bullying and more leaders.

Happy listening!!!

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