The first ever online poll by the University of Montana Big Sky Poll resulted in mixed reactions to the state’s politicians.

Chair of the UM Department of Public Administration, Sara Rinfret, said the 293 poll respondents provided a wide variety of responses.

“During the off-election cycle we always ask do you think the following elected officials or elected bodies are doing a good, fair, or poor job,” began Rinfret. “We did that for President Trump, Senator Jon Tester, Senator Steve Daines, Representative Greg Gianforte, the U.S. Congress, Governor Steve Bullock, and the Montana Legislature.

“Twenty-nine percent think Trump is doing an excellent job, while 47 percent think he is doing a poor job. Fifty-nine percent of Republicans think President Trump is doing an excellent job, compared to 92 percent of Democrats polled who think he is doing a poor job. The overall sample rated President Trump at 29 percent,” she said. “Senator Jon Tester was at about the same rating in terms of excellence and Senator Steve Daines came in a little bit less that Senator Tester. Representative Gianforte had about 15 percent, the U.S. Congress and the Montana Legislature came out the lowest as far as their excellent rating, with Congress at three percent and the Montana Legislature at about four percent.
Rinfret said Governor Bullock pulled a solid 21 percent excellent rating.

Rinfret said the poll is helpful in identifying how well elected officials are performing their jobs.


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