Among his many talents he is an awesome wood carver, and makes all sorts of things including canoes. Every water rat or fly fisher fan of his would like one of these.

Can you believe this guy is coming to Missoula? September 30th bringing his 'Full Bush' tour to town. He has many talants and one of them is woodworking. He has a shop that he has personally built many things at.

As you can see from the info above from his website that he really is into woodworking.

Watching this video was hard to take him seriously, but was cool to see another side of him.

Offerman Woodshop
Offerman Woodshop

Don't miss this show, which I am sure is going to be hilarious. If you are a University of Montana student you can use the code: GOGRIZ to save $5 on any ticket purchased. Grab tickets here, and be at the Adams Center on September 30th.

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