And the hits just keep on coming. With the Brawl of the Wild on the horizon and the potential for it to be broadcast nationally on ESPN, the Griz have been pulling out all the stops to try and make that happen.

You know what that means? Celebrity endorsements!

#GrizOnGameDay is in Full Effect

Earlier this week, University of Montana graduate and J. Jonah Jameson himself J.K. Simmons joined the campaign to bring ESPN to Missoula.

Not long after, Pearl Jam bassist and Missoula resident Jeff Ament made his voice heard.

Plus, you probably already saw the M get converted into the word "GAMEDAY" this past weekend.

Now Some NFL Pros Are Joining The Campaign

Over the last two days, a couple of football greats with ties to the Griz have added their voices to the ever-growing chorus of notable names that want to see ESPN's College Gameday make a stop in Missoula. The first was longtime coach Marty Mornhinweg, who most recently acted as a consultant for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2020. Back in the '80s, he was a Griz quarterback and actually led the team to its first Big Sky Conference championship in a dozen years.

Not long after, former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia - described as an "avid Montana fly fisherman" - threw his voice into the mix, too.

Not bad, right? The #GrizonGameDay campaign is going strong, and it looks to keep on going - hopefully it works and we get ESPN in Missoula so we can show the country what Brawl of the Wild is all about.

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