A nurse at Missoula’s Community Medical Center told KGVO News on Thursday that she will protest the recent CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) COVID 19 vaccination mandate, and could possibly lose the job she loves.

Sarah O’Hara explained her situation to KGVO on Thursday.

“The illegal law that they have decided to mandate at the hospital is that an employee needs to be either vaccinated or fill out one of the two documentations that state that they are exempt from taking the vaccine by December 6th,” said O’Hara.

She explained the two possible exemptions available from taking the vaccine.

“One is a medical exemption and the other one is a religious exemption,” she said. “For the medical exemption as far as what I know, is that you would have had to take one of the COVID vaccines and had an altercation event, and that allows you to be medically exempt from that vaccine. The religious exemption has to be co-signed by your religious leader, pastor or priest, and who gets to decide whether those are valid or not?”

O’Hara said she is standing on the principle of American freedom.

“Of course, I love nursing and I desire to stay in this profession as long as possible. So my hopes are that we can get enough people to rally against this tyranny that is coming to our great country. This is a free country of the United States of America. And if we don't stop this here, this is going to be a global thing. It's a catastrophic event that nobody will be free. Nobody will have the opportunity to choose anything after this.”

O’Hara said she and others opposed to the mandate will hold an unofficial protest on the sidewalk in front of Lowe’s Home Improvement Center on Sunday, November 28.

“So we're meeting on the corner there in the Lowe's parking lot to just present to the community that this is going on,” she said. “You know, not everybody knows. People often don't even look at the news anymore, and even the news doesn't tell all the truth, so we're just hoping to give a peaceful demonstration that encourages people to stand up for their freedom.”

The protest will be held at 2:00 p.m. on November 28 and O’Hara encourages all who attend to dress warmly.

O'Hara specifically gave KGVO permission to publish her story.

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