Greg Gianforte has officially been sworn-into the U.S. House of Representatives as Montana’s lone Congressman and has already put his name on a few bills, many of which were discussed during the campaign.

"The first bill I introduced was a 'No Balanced Budget, No Paycheck Bill' that I had authored in advance, walked it over to the Clerk of the House and introduced it right after my talk," Gianforte said. "Then I cosponsored three additional bills, these were bills that were already in process, many of them had a bunch of co-sponsors already.

Just like the no-paycheck bill, all three of the bills co-sponsored by Gianforte are bills that put direct restraints on members and former members of congress.

"One is for term limits: it would limit House members to three terms and limit Senate members to two terms," Gianforte said. "There was another bill in the house that I thought was a good piece of legislation that would make it illegal for congressmen to lobby congress after they leave office for a period of five years and then the third one was a constitutional amendment for a balanced budget."

Gianforte is still waiting for committee assignments but has asked for positions in an Agriculture Committee or an Armed Services Committee, but says he will be happy to serve wherever House Leadership places him.

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