A young lady reached out and asked us if we could get a letter to Montana Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT). I told her that we would be happy to share her letter with the governor, but I also asked her if we could post her letter to the Governor on our website.


Dear Mr. Greg Gianforte,

My name is Sydney Patterson and I am an eighth grade student from Ben Steele Middle School (District 2) Billings, Mt. This letter is to call your attention towards the mask mandate in school District 2.

It was voted against by all the labor unions associated with Billings Public Schools. Voting was on August 19 and the mask mandate was lifted. But, on August 21, the Saturday before school is supposed to start, Mr. Greg Upham, the superintendent of District 2 placed a mask mandate.

The decision was struck against the staff and students of school District 2 very suddenly. Students and staff were looking forward to a semi-normal school year, but once again we are nervous about what this year will bring. Many students dealt with lack of focus, anxiety, headaches, and stuffy noses, all because we had to wear masks.

How can the students do well in school if a stuffy mask is deterring them from learning and focusing? We all say that education is vital to the growing population of this country. How can we learn in an environment we can’t even focus in?

This mandate is an infringement of our freedoms in the United States of America. We ask that you do something about this injustice and bring relief to the students and staff of Billings Public Schools.

Thank you for your acknowledgement of this letter. We, as a school district, are counting on you to make change and bring stress levels down and focus levels up this school year.


Sydney Lynne Patterson


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