We've been talking a lot about our northern border with Canada recently. Whenever those conversations take place it is very easy to contrast the legal activity that is not allowed to cross our Northern Border, while illegal activity is allowed to flow across our Southern Border.

Well, as our Canadian friends north of Montana's Hi Line might say, this message from Evan in Belt, Montana "pert' near" sums it up. He sent a message at zero dark thirty on Friday morning, after seeing the news concerning Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen's visit to the Southern Border with Texas Gov. Abbott and several other Attorneys General.

Here it is in full, the open letter from Evan in Belt:

Where do I begin! Yesterday AG Knudsen was in Texas with Governor Abbott and 12 other state AG's discussing the southern border crisis. They discussed the fentanyl trafficking coming across the border and stated that there has been enough of that drug coming into our country to kill every man, woman, and child in all the 13 states represented at the meeting.


They also discussed the human trafficking issues.(Sad). Then they showed video of male illegals being bussed to processing facilities then put back on the busses and taken to airports and flown to the interior of the US. Later last evening I saw video of illegal men and children being deplaned in the middle of the night in New York, that was in August and has apparently been going on since last April.


WOW, if these aren't situations of high crimes and misdemeanors I don't know what the hell is! And to think they impeached a good man twice for Bogus and made up stories.


Then we have rampant police shootings, imported oil from enemy countries driving our oil to over 90 dollars a barrel yesterday. So much for the energy independence we had just one short year ago.


Then Brandon wanting to put a black female on the Supreme Court. Isn't that a little disparaging to the other minorities out there? How about just putting the most qualified person on there regardless of race or gender. If that happens to be a black female then so be it. But as is typical for this administration, he telegraphs every move, making it very easy for our adversaries to predict him. What an embarrassment for our country.


Fellow patriots it is time now more than ever to find your lane and stand in the gap. Perhaps that may be the local school board, or city council, water board or a host of other local civic boards. If these things are not your calling then support good conservatives who do find it their calling. Pray for them and continue to lift them up in anyway you can.


Too many of us over the centuries have put our lives on the line for this great country and the best never made it home. I don't know, but I don't think it is time to let all the Marxist Leftist throw it all into the abyss. It is still, and will continue to be, the greatest country on the face of the planet and there is much to be thankful for. Let's continue to do a great work in our republic and hold our elected leaders accountable to DO WHAT THEY SAID THEY WERE GOING TO DO! Have a great Freedom Friday!" (Evan, Belt )

Wow. Thanks for that message Evan. And thanks for your service to our country.

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