It really doesn't matter if you win an Academy Award or not. All nominees are getting gift bags with over $160,000 worth of great gifts from 59 different brands! These rich celebrities are receiving things that the normal person would never be able to afford. Look at this of items, I am jealous!

- $20,000 worth of car rentals


- a $250 adult toy that uses laser therapy to enhance arousal


- a $20,000 gift certificate for dream analysis, a horoscope reading and a lesson in mind control techniques


- a $5,060 home spa system


- 10 personal training sessions


- a $5,000 piece of art from Gunner Fox


- a $25,000 piece of custom furniture designed by Elena Foccoli


- a $12,500 voucher for cycling, hiking and excursions with gourmet cuisine


- a $229 wearable camera


- a $1,200 hair follicle stimulant

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