Not only was this trip so I could see my family around the holidays but also so my friend Steve could adopt a new dog and a new member of the fishing crew. This dog was found on the border of Mexico and brought to the states to be saved.

So this little pup has an interesting story. He was rescued by border control near the Senora Desert. He was with his companion who had somehow passed away while on the loose and he would not leave that dogs side according to sources. They were able to wrangle "LOYAL", and bring him to the states, and sent him to the shelter/prison program in New Mexico.

ACTion Programs for Animals is where this guy was rescued to. This is what they wrote about the program and the rescue on their Facebook.

P.A.W.S. prison program grad Loyal got very lucky with his adopter, who he went home with Dec. 30th. He's the dog that was found on Mt. Cristo Rey starved and thirsty and protecting the body of his dead canine companion. We think they were both dumped out there to die. NOW, he's going to live in a wonderful community in Montana with his new dad, who has always owned one special dog at a time. We are so happy for him to have gone from rags to pup riches!

I know exactly why he was named Loyal, not only was he loyal to his companion but after just a few days with Steve it is evident who he loves unconditionally. Traveled across lots of scenery and different elements. He saw snow and played in it for his first time. Didn't seem to mind much at all.

He is very friendly and he know show to stick em up! I will have to get the video up of that.



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