UPDATE - 6:00 P.M. Wednesday, December 16

Lake County Sheriff Don Bell told KGVO News that acting on a tip, the fugitive Ashley Hewanakorn was apprehended at a residence in Browning late Wednesday afternoon. 

She will be returned to the Lake County Jail sometime Thursday to face a felony charge of assault with a weapon after the shooting Monday of a female resident of Pablo.

The suspect in Monday's shooting incident in Pablo has been identified as Ashley Hewankorn, and a warrant has been issued statewide for her arrest on possible charges ranging from assault with a weapon to attempted deliberate homicide.

Lake County Sheriff Don Bell said the shooting victim positively identified Hewankorn as the one who shot her in an alley outside a residence in Pablo,

"We are actively trying to apprehend her, and there are other warrants our for her in addition to the incident on Monday," Sheriff Bell said. "We are hoping to get tips into our 883-7301 number, which is our Lake County dispatch number."

Bell said the victim definitely thought Hewankorn was trying to killer her when she fired the shot on Monday.

"The suspect is a Native American woman from the Pablo area," he said. "Deputies said that the suspect has often colored her hair to disguise herself, so her hair may not be dark as in the warrant photo. There were two other individuals, a male and a female with Hewankorn when she fled in a vehicle, which as since been recovered. The female has been located, but we're still looking for the male."

Bell did not provide a name or description for the missing man. The poster provided by Sheriff Bell specifically warns anyone who sees Hewankorn not to attempt to contact or detain her, because she is considered armed and dangerous.