The fate of the Missoula Paddleheads and the other Pioneer League teams that help make up minor league baseball is now in the hands of Major League Baseball, and the future is uncertain.

That’s why the Paddleheads and many other minor league teams are appealing to their host cities to intervene.

Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the Paddleheads, Taylor Rush described the situation.

“As Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball negotiate the future of their professional baseball agreement, Major League Baseball has proposed that 42 teams be cut from the minor league baseball system, and one of those teams would be the Missoula Paddleheads,” said Rush. “What we need from the community is to generate support. We know how much this team means to the community; we know how many memories are made at the ballpark every year, and we know how much we support the local economy, and it’s time that Major League Baseball was aware of that, too.”

Rush defined the many avenues that fans can utilize to show their support for the Paddleheads.

“We’ll have postings on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,” he said. “Twitter and Instagram are @ go Paddleheads, and you can find us on Facebook at Missoula Paddleheads, as well as a page on our website. Right on the front page of our website there’s a ‘Save the Paddleheads’ link right at the top and you can also subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date there, as well.”

Fans can use the hashtag #SaveMyTeam to send their message to Major League Baseball.

Rush estimates the yearly economic impact of minor league baseball to Missoula as approximately $10.6 million.

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