38 year-old Eva Marie Brown, and her husband 45 year-old Addison Brown, were both charged with felony criminal endangerment along with various drug and traffic offenses on Monday after allowing a child to wander unsupervised on Highway 93 North over Evaro Hill on a dark and rainy night.

In Missoula Justice Court, Deputy Missoula County Attorney Selene Koepke related details of the incident to Judge Matt Erickson.

"Defendant Addison Brown was highly intoxicated and refused to give blood," Koepke said. "He admitted to smoking marijuana and that it would show up in a test. He gave a breathalyzer sample of .135 and he was also cited for several other misdemeanor offenses."

Koepke then addressed the alleged actions of the child's mother Eva Brown.

"Her husband was arrested for driving under the influence, and this defendant was so intoxicated that she let her three year-old out of the car to wander on the highway and failed to supervise her after she got out of the car," she said. "This was very concerning behavior and Child and Family Services is now involved."

Court documents state that a Missoula County Sheriff's Deputy discovered the child wandering on the side of the road as vehicles were driving by at speeds over 60 miles per hour.

Judge Erickson set bail for Addison Brown at $10,000 and $2,500 for Eve Brown. Their daughter remains with Child and Family Services.